Our Staff

Michele Bever, PhD, MPH, Executive Director. Works with the Board of Health and South Heartland Staff to carry out the ten essential services of Public Health, to determine public health priority goals, and to ensure implementation and evaluation of programs designed to support these goals.
Denise Ferguson, Operations Manager / Financial Coordinator. As Operation Manager, Denise is responsible for the smooth operation of the day-to-day business of the agency. As financial coordinator she processes and monitors payments and expenditures, and prepares and monitors the payroll system in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate financial and administrative operations.
Jim Morgan, Public Health Risk Coordinator. Jim develops and tests plans for responding to and protecting the population from health threats such as pandemic influenza and Ebola. Jim works closely with other agencies and organizations within the Health District and across Nebraska: county emergency management agencies, hospitals, Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD), mass fatality and Family Assistance center planning, and Tri-Cities Medical Response System (TriMRS). Jim is also SHDHD’s go-to person for environmental health risks including radon testing, Clean Indoor Air Act (smoking) violations, meth lab clean up assurance, bed bug and mold questions, and access to State resources such as the ChemPack for chemical exposures.
Amy Market, Receptionist. Amy answers phones, provides customer service, and assists staff.  She is also a Certified Application Counselor for the insurance marketplace.
 Jessica Warner, MPH, Health Surveillance Coordinator. Jessica partners with schools to monitor absences due to illness, with hospitals to track influenza-like illnesses, and with DHHS to keep an eye on public water system violations.  Jessica responds to food-borne or other disease outbreaks and follows up on suspected and confirmed cases of reportable diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis, or Norovirus.
Susan Ferrone, RN, BSN, MPA, Public Health Nurse, is promoting and providing training on Health Literacy. She provides tools and technical assistance to SHDHD, area health care providers and other organizations to help all of us work toward becoming health literate organizations. Her objective is for organizations to demonstrate the 10 Attributes of a health literate organization in order to improve public health and health care quality and access to care/services.
Dorrann Hultman, RN, Public Health Nurse, Community Health Service Coordinator. As South Heartland’s Immunization Clinic Manager, Dorrann is responsible for the Vaccine for Children program, Adult Tdap program, and monthly immunization clinics. Dorrann also coordinates South Heartland’s Every Woman Matters program, a cancer prevention program that encourages and supports screening for breast, cervical and colon cancers.
Lorena Najera, Community Health Worker. As a bilingual Community Health Worker with a certificate in Medical Interpretation, Lorena serves as a bridge between providers of health care services and the community, helping people in the community understand health behaviors, recognize health options, think for themselves, and make decisions that will improve their health. She assists with the Every Woman Matters program, provides services at the Hastings/Adams County Immunization Clinic, and supports South Heartland’s chronic disease Prevention Connection program.
Brooke Wolfe, Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator collaborates with community partners to encourage healthy school, work and community environments. She promotes environment and policy changes that make it easier for people of all ages to make healthy choices at work or school, or wherever they are – by increasing the accessibility of physical activity opportunities, nutrition options, cancer screening options, and more. Brooke promotes evidence-based interventions to improve community health. Some of her many projects include: Worksite Wellness promotion and support for area employers, ‘Pool Cool’ Sun Safety, Scrubby Bear Hand Washing, Annual Kid’s Fitness & Nutrition Day, and Walkable Communities initiatives.

Jean Korth, Program Assistant for Chronic Disease Prevention program. Jean works to prevent heart disease and stroke in South Heartland residents. She focuses on community and health system improvements aimed at preventing and managing high blood pressure. Jean works with clinical staff and providers, pharmacists, community health workers, hospitals, community organizations, and other partners to promote team-based care, risk factor awareness, use of electronic health records, population-based medicine, referral to community resources, community health worker networks, and community-based lifestyle change programs.

Liz Chamberlain, Community Health Worker / Fall Prevention Coordinator and VetSET Outreach Specialist. Liz supports the Prevention Connection and Health Hub projects, providing support for chronic disease prevention strategies (diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer) and access to care (Every Woman Matters, Vet SET; Prevention Connection). She also coordinates the Tai Chi fall prevention program. Liz assists SHDHD staff on a variety of public health projects and contributes to SHDHD’s customer service activities.
Janis Johnson, RN, BSN, Accreditation Coordinator, is responsible for leading South Heartland’s accreditation efforts toward continuous quality and performance improvement of services provided. She is also an Immunization Nurse for the Vaccine for Children Program at South Heartland’s Hastings/Adams County Immunization Clinic.
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