Nutrition Advisory Board

Taste Testing healthier vending options at YMCA of Hastings

Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) Mission: 

Increase healthy food access and improve healthy food resources and education networking among the South Heartland District

Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) Current Member Organizations: 

The board consist of South Heartland Wellness Coordinator, Mary Lanning staff, Food Pantry Directors, Grocery Store Owners, Vending Company, community members, Hastings College staff, Central Community College Staff, University Of Nebraska Extension- Nutrition Educator, YMCA and YWCA.

Choose Healthy Here Signage at Brodstone Hospital

New members are always welcome- please call the office today if interested in connecting nutrition resources to those in need.

Nutrition Advisory Board Objective

The Nutrition Advisory Board for 1422 grant is group representing the 4 counties of the South Heartland District Health Department (Adams, Clay, Nuckolls and Webster) who are interested in nutrition and health of our communities. The objective of this group is to provide feedback and guidance to administrators of a 4 year chronic disease prevention grant (called Prevention Connection) in grant activities. These activities include working with grocers, convenience stores, public institutions, hospitals, businesses and food banks to promote healthy eating choices and alternatives to the target population of the grant (Medicaid, low income, minority and rural/agricultural employees) in target communities. In addition to allow those who are in the nutrition field make connections for future partnerships.

UNL Extension and SHDHD Cooking Demonstration at Allen’s of Hastings

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