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South Heartland works to ensure ensure that all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to lead healthy lives. To achieve health equity, we must strive to eliminate avoidable health inequities and health disparities

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Spanish: To request help in Spanish with South Heartland District’s information, please contact one of our bilingual staff: Call toll-free: 1-877-238-7595 e-mail: mail@shdhd.org

“El Paquete Total”  (The total package) 

Mary Lanning HealthCare Foundation – Diabetes Department and South Heartland District Health Department is a joint effort for ongoing medical and program support to meet the long-term Diabetes Disease management needs of the Hispanic population via quality medical services, health education, and health learning environment.  Clients include men, women, young adults and the elderly.  Initially, the first program began with 44 people nearly fifteen years ago and now evolved to approximately 200 people.

The vision of this program is to provide a continued solid program focusing on total individual and family wellness measured by lower BMI results, lower AIC blood sugar lab results, consistent exercise, health eating, stress management, self disease management, client program documentation and access to ongoing health information.

Overall, this health project has improved the  health care of the minority community dealing with Diabetes and other health risk factors through education, support groups, exercise support, facilitation of program to assist with medication and testing supplies, direct access to doctors and healthcare system, meeting with a registered dietitian,  and case management support and follow up.

To learn more about the program or enroll call the office today toll-free: 1-877-238-7595  or 402-462-6211, e-mail: mail@shdhd.org or contact Mary Lanning  402-461-5318 and speak to one of the Hispanic Interpreters.

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