Why become a volunteer:

  • Volunteering offers you an opportunity to carry out tasks that benefit the community.
  • You can build networks throughout the community.
  • Volunteering can teach you about many important issues that are going on in the community, as well as what is being done about it.  By volunteering in the health department, you can learn about services offered to the community.
  • You can acquire new skills through a variety of our programs.  These skills may be beneficial to you for employment.
  • You can meet a diverse group of people.

How can you become a Volunteer?

  • All prospective volunteers are asked to fill out a Volunteer Services Application.  Once the application is received you will be called for an interview to ensure proper placement.
  • All volunteers are asked to sign a Confidential Information and Intellectual Property Agreement.

Examples of services and activities that volunteers can provide.

  • Artist to develop posters which promote the department or activity
  • Clerical/filing, typing, data entry, etc.
  • Clinic host ( Greeters)
  • Customer service specialists ( telephone operators, surveying)
  • Event Planners
  • Grant Writers
  • Nurses
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