Community Health Needs Assessment (CHA)

The purpose of the community health needs assessment, CHNA, is to describe the current health status of the South Heartland district, identify and prioritize health issues, better understand the range of factors that impact health, and identify assets and resources that can be mobilized to improve the health of our residents.  This assessment is implemented in the Community Health Improvement Plan, CHIP.  Community health planning happens across South Heartland District every 3 years, as the schedule for the district hospitals are required by IRS every 3 years.

Mobilizing for Action through Partnerships and Planning, MAPP, a partner-based framework, has been used for the CHNA and the resulting Community Health Improvement Plan, CHIP.  MAPP emphasizes partnership with all sectors of the public health system to evaluate health status, identify priority areas, and develop plans for implementation.

The MAPP has 6 key phases:  (1) Organize for success/partnership development, (2) Visioning, (3) Four MAPP assessments – Community Themes and Strengths - CTSA, Local Public Health System Assessment, Forces of Change Assessment, and Community Health Status Assessment, (4) Identify strategic issues, (5) Formulate goals and strategies, and (6) Take Action (plan, implement and evaluate).

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships 

The 2013 and the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment reports and the describe the process and outcomes of South Heartland's 2012 and 2015 MAPP assessments, respectively. We are making the full reports available so that other organizations may utilize the information for their own planning. Please contact SHDHD if you have questions about these report.

SHDHD Reports